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"Everything stems from the great book of Nature; Human attainments are an already printed book"
Antoni Gaudí
Summer 2002
9,200 issues
On the occasion of the celebration of 150 anniversary of Gaudí's birth, it gives us great pleasure to send the summer newsletter, which since today will be called Gaudí News, and which we expect to send more frequently. We will explain you all the acts that are celebrating during this special year of Gaudí.


1. TO BE HIGHLIGHTED: Exhibition of Catedra Gaudí at the Illa Diagonal
2. Work of art: The Wine Cellars Güell of Garraf
3. Our members' colaboration
4. Press articles
5. Links
6. Gaudí's masterpieces visiting timetable
7. Gaudí Shop
8. Gaudí Specialised Library and Bookshop
9. Summer Schedule
10. Preview
11. Peculiarities

1. TO BE HIGHLIGHTED: Exhibition at the Illa Diagonal by Catedra Gaudí

Our club has convened an exhibition on Gaudí in the Illa Diagonal Commercial Centre of Barcelona. The exhibition's aim is to make Gaudí known to the general public while reviewing all the facets of this gifted architect. Visitors will able to admire models, original plans and drawings, pottery, various architectonic elements, pieces of furniture as well as one of the bells that will form part of the carillon of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral.
Everyone will have the opportunity to write his or her opinion about the exhibition as well as on Gaudí in our guest book, available at the exhibition site. In just one week over 200,000 visitors have managed to fill the book up. Let's go for the second one! How many more will we need?
The reasons for such a success are easily spotted:
Many people visit the exhibition. Gaudí elicits people's interest. So, will you visit it?
If you pass by Barcelona this summer, do not forget to drop by. Given to the exhibition's favourable location it is foreseen that around 800,000 visitors will see it. A real accomplishment indeed that Gaudí surely deserves!
The exhibition will be open until August 22, at the Illa Diagonal hall (545-565 Avenida Diagonal). The commercial centre is located in the most important avenue of Barcelona, being the site of many shops and boutiques. It is therefore one of the busiest shopping centres in the city.

2. The Wine Cellars Güell of Garraf

The entrepreneur Eusebi Güell owned many estates in the district of Garraf. In 1895 he entrusted the construction of some wine cellars to Gaudí in order to store up the region's production of wine. The building was constructed on a land whose name used to be La Cuadra del Garraf, which used to be the ancient location of a monastery.

More info at:

3. Our members' collaboration

If you wish to participate in our web remember you only need to send us your photos, articles, slides, videos, etc., to info@Gaudí telling us where you are from, what you like most about Gaudí and which hobbies you have. Be sure that you'll be published.
The latest images we have received are about a relatively unknown piece of work by Gaudí in the Catalan Pyrenees and a drawing from an Argentinean artist:

- The Clot del Moro Chalet sent by David "Pomper"

- Portrait of Gaudí, by Marcelo Marchese

- Two photos of the Park Güell: from Claudio

Many thanks to both of you!

4. Press articles

- "The Spanish guitar and the romantic art". Series of concerts by renowned musician Manuel González

- Opening ceremony of the International Gaudí Year 2002

- Opening ceremony of Gaudí Park in Alella

Presentation of the Mataró Cooperative Rehabilitation Project

5. Links

Owing to the celebration of the Gaudí Year 2002 these recent months have seen the proliferation of several web sites dedicated to the architect: Official web page of the Gaudí Year 2002 in Barcelona Official web of the Gaudí Year 2002 in Reus Official web of the Gaudí Year 2002 in Riudoms Official web of the Gaudí Year 2002 in León

6. Gaudí's masterpieces visiting timetable

Among other activities, during the Gaudí Year it will be possible to visit the majority of Gaudí's masterpieces in Barcelona, including some of them normally closed to the public.
Not to miss any of them, you'll find a complete list of addresses, timetables and prices here below.

7. Gaudí Shop

We have expanded our selection of Gaudí-related items for you to present your relatives and friends with.
We also have a special offer on for company gifts just now. Invigorate your business during the Gaudí Year 2002 by relating your company's Christmas presents to the 150th anniversary of the illustrious architect's birth and his masterpieces. Offer art and culture as a feature of good taste!
Visit our shop on:

8. Gaudí Specialised Library and Bookshop

We have updated our library. We now have a browser to which you can order whichever book you wish in almost all languages. During this 150th anniversary 30 wonderful new books with plenty of colour photographs have been published so far. Haven't you got one in your bookcase yet? What are you waiting for to acquire one?
Just connect with:

9. Summer schedule - Gaudí Year 2002

Celebration of the Gaudí Year 2002:

- EXHIBITION CATEDRA GAUDÍ. Open until the 22nd of August at the Illa Diagonal. Av. Diagonal, 545-565.
- "MIRAR GAUDÍ" (Contemplating Gaudí). A photographic exhibition by Ramon Manent's. Almost one hundred top-quality photographs highlight the shapes, texture and colours that unveil new aspects about the work of the talented architect and its creative process. Scheduled until 1st September at the Exhibition Hall of Casa Ametller, Paseo de Gracia 41 bajos, Barcelona. Next to Casa Batlló.

- "IMPACTE GAUDÍ" (Impact Gaudí). An exhibition on the impact of the architect on 40 Catalan artists of the XX century. On until the 30th of September at the Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, 7 Rambla de Santa Mònica, Barcelona.

- GUIDED TOURS BY NIGHT. The Museum of History of the city of Barcelona undertakes a series of nightly activities based on guided tours to different exhibitions topped by a goblet of champagne. Every Monday and Tuesday night of July, the Museum opens its doors to 120 people to let them enjoy to world of architect Antoni Gaudí and poet Jacint Verdaguer.

- GAUDÍ XXI Century. The platforms and corridors of the subway of Barcelona have been decked out with modernist features. Travellers will be able to admire the work of different artists inspired by the creations of the talented Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí up until the end of this year. The subway takes visitors up to the most characteristic buildings in town such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral, the Pedrera and the Casa Batlló. These structures, as reinterpreted by Josep Moscardó, Pilip Stanton and Marc Jesus, are the main motives of Gaudí XXI century. You can see them at the stops of Sagrada Familia (L2), Diagonal (L5) and Paseo de Gracia (L3/L4). The latter station also offers a permanent exhibition of the architect's original work. The three stops together form the so-called "Gaudí Route" (Circuito Gaudí). Ten complementary stops give an extra support to the ensemble completing this temporary subterranean museum.

Commemorative activities of the Year Gaudí

- Gaudí Coins. The Royal National Factory of Currency and Stamps have joined the tribute paid to Gaudí by coining a collection of silver and gold coins recalling five of the most emblematic work of art by Gaudí: the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, the Pedrera, the Capricho and Park Güell. The coins, bearing ancient metrics but current nominal value in Euros, consist of one silver "cincuentín", one gold eight-Escudo coin and three eight-Reale pieces.

- Christmas Lottery as tribute to Gaudí. The National regulatory body for Gambling and Betting (Loterías y Apuestas del Estado) too have joined in to celebrate Gaudí's birth. They did so by dedicating the cover image of next Christmas Lottery voucher to the memory of the architect. The draw will take place on 22nd December this year. Shortly, our club will put up for sale a participation to the voucher number 25652, the date of birth of Gaudí.

10. Preview

We are already preparing the next issue of "Gaudí News". You can help us to come up with a more interactive Newsletter by sending in your collaborations and suggestions to Gaudí Club.

Intelligent Competition: "True or False"
On next September a new competition on Gaudí in which you'll have to answer questions about the architect and his world will start on our web site. Lush prizes are at stake!

11. Peculiarities

After more than 50 years without setting foot in the Park Güell, the estate gardener's son at the times of Gaudí revisited the house where he lived for 15 years of his life. This intimate act, full of sentiment, took place on last June 28 with the intention to show the visitor Ramon Saumell, aged 93, his former home, now the seat of the new Reception Centre of the Park.
Around thirty of RamonSaumell's family members accompanied him during his visit. His nephew Quim told us something more about Mr. Saumell and about the day he played the lead in:

"Ramon Saumell was born in 1910 in the house at the entrance of the Park. In that dwelling there lived his parents, for his father was the estate's gardener.
He lived there until 1956 (if I remember well) getting to know, as it is to be supposed, all of the Park's spots. I suppose he is one of the few people alive, if not the only one, to have met Gaudí.
He used to remark a peculiarity abut Gaudí's way of working, who used to say to the "brickies" who were placing the stones: "Throw the stone and let it lay where and how it fell (we can imagine the effort of those men to keep the stones where they fell, for in those years the concrete was not of the quick-dry type…)".

Ramon Saumell has got a huge quantity of memories. He's a fit man on the go that did not hesitate to explore the whole Park. "He doesn't give you time to breathe, he's a machine" said his nephew.
Keep on going, Ramon!

Thank you for staying with us; see you on the next Gaudí News.
We await your news; get ready to participate!

Comments and suggestions:

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