The Gaudí & Barcelona Club Conditions

We have two membership cathegories: the free and paying ones.

All members have a right to:

  • Receive periodically the informative bulletin Gaudí News
  • To take part in the acts organised by the Club
  • A free Gaudí savescreen

Besides, the paying members have a right to:

  • To have the membership card
  • Discounts in the on-line shop puchases
  • Special discount in the cultural visits
  • A special admission fee to the Sagrada Familia visit
  • To take part in the contests and exhibitions organised by the Club
  • Make consultas about the themes related with Gaudí
  • To have access to the reserved section for the members of the website
  • And many other opportunities

If you want to support effectively the activities of our association along the year, collaborate with the annual fee, as your possibilities allow:

Free member 0 €   (0 $)
Individual member 45 €  (57,6 $)
Individual-protector member 100 €  (128 $)
Companies and Corporates member 250 €  (320 $)
Patron member from 500 €  (640 $)

Paying member

Free member

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