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Third Issue
December 2000
Circulation: 3110


1.- Sagrada Familia works
2.- Member's Section
3.- Newspaper articles
4.- Links
5.- Member's projects
6.- Peace Message!!

1.- Sagrada Familia works

Sagrada Familia is growing up everyday. As you may have noticed, in the article that we updated last month, the central scaffolding has been removed, revealing the ceiling of the nave.

Two weeks ago we had the chance to visit the works and we walked through this scaffolding situated 45 meters high from the floor.

We took 81 pictures that will let you have an idea of the amazing vaults and columns of this great work. Enjoy them!

2.- Member's Section

We received from England some pictures of "mad mosaics" done by the artist Stack. He will soon send more pictures.

3.- Newspaper articles

Every year, at the begining of June, the Construction Committee of the "Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia" promotes a fundraiser in order to get more money for the construction of the church. Here you have an article where it is explained with details.

4.- Links

Discovery Channel has added our site in the Gaudi section of their prestigious website. At the same time we have added their URL in our Links Section.

5.- Member's projects

This month in addition of the pictures that members send us regularly, we have included two impressive reports of projects that other members are developing.

  • MercŤ Mata and Antoni Planas invited us to visit their "gaudinist" house located in Cervello, at about 40 km. from Barcelona. It is like a little Park GŁell and other Gaudi's works that Merce, with his husband, has been building for twelve years. Our sincere congratulations for this amazing work :)

  • During the last Gaudinist Conferences in Holland we meet Maria Merce Bach who is the president of the Pro-Miranda Association; their main purpose is to rebuild the Torre Mateu, a building constructed in 1906 by Gaudi and destroyed during the sixties.

    6.- Peace Message

    From Barcelona and during these special days, we wish that you enjoy a wonderful time with your family and that all your purposes for next year have success!

    Thank you for reading us and receive a big hug from all our team!

    Comments and Suggestions:

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