This section is a place where our members can publish their works, pictures, essays,... a meeting place for people from all over the world who base their work on the Gaudí Style.
Feel free to participate and send us your creations with a brief description of who you are, where you live, what you like about Gaudí, etc.

12/12/2009 Our members Jorge Alvarenga send us his new pictures of another mural using Gaudinian technique that he made in El Salvador. We publish the new and encourage him to keep working with the Gaudinian technique.
Thanks for your collaboration Jorge
22/09/2009 Our member José Manuel sends us these photos of a motorbike made by him with a Gaudi theme.
Thanks for your collaboration José Manuel
18/05/2009 From Bratislava (Slovakia) we receive a report about a building just finished based in Gaudi.
Thanks for your collaboration Klement
18/12/2008 We reproduce the letter sent to us by Leticia Garriga, member of our club, along with some beautiful photographs from her recent trip to Gaudí’s city. Thank you for your collaboration Leticia
2/12/2008 Our member, JORGE ALBERTO ALVARENGA from El Salvador, is an eminent artist in mosaics. Enamoured with Gaudí, he has created a multitude of works inspired by the celebrated architect and he has sent us some photos of them. With great pleasure we reproduce them here and we encourage all our friends to collaborate with our club. Thank you very much, Jorge Alberto


A U.S. member of our Gaudi Club sent us these interesting photos of a Gaudinian bench located in Tennessee, inspired on the Gaudí bench of the Park Güell Thank you for your collaboration Manuel Barje


From Letonia, Ugis y Juris send us some examples of their furniture, with modernist-organic looking... Great!


Mauricio Domínguez shows us some nice pictures of the works he has realized about the structure of Gaudí's work.


Lluís Gassó , winner of the 3 rd price of the literary contest II Gaudí Prize of Poetry and Short Narrative 2004, sent us a poem to whish us a Happy New Year! (available in Catalan)


With his work “Inspiración II, al rescate del arte rupestre”, Roberto Urbina wan the Fondart prizes 2004 as well as the regional prize of environment, mention "cultural change and atmosphere education" for working with recyclable materials. He shows us his artistic expresión from Iquique-Chile.


David Solé visited Comillas and took a picture of himself next to the creator of "El Capricho". Perhaps he was looking for the same inspiration as the architect...


Feliciano Pla has lived during 50 years in front of the east façade of the Sagrada Familia Temple. He wants to introduce us in his another great passion, the permaculture.


Our member Josep Ors Llenares has sent us some images of the scale model made of the Sagrada Familia made by his father.


Admiration for Park Güell. This summer Francisco Javier Marco has visited Barcelona. He explains us what he felt when he saw Park Güell.


This summer Maria Teresa Segura visited the “Capricho” of Comillas. She shares with us her experience as well as some of her pictures.


Amílcar Fermín, from Venezuela , has been passionate for years now about the Sagrada Familia Temple . He shows us four mastership drawings of the finished basilica.


Gloria Z. Segura shares with us her “small contribution to this great artistic world we can discover behind the work of master Gaudí”


Conchi lives in Madrid. During her last trip to Barcelona she visited the Pedrera and the Sagrada Familia and got enthusiastic about the progress of the Temple’s construction works.


Our member Robel Perea finds inspiration in Gaudí's works to experiment with his photos of different cities.


Concepció Moya great artist of laces of bobbins sends to us this gaudinian doll


Mari Carmen Vas discovered Barcelona and the works of Gaudí


Robel Perea demonstrates us his fascination for Gaudí


Admiration for Gaudí in the heights: Natalio Saludes demonstrates us that the storks can be fans of Gaudí, too...


Ginny Koumantarakis tells her experience in the Sagrada Familia and asks some doubts on the Temple


Roberto Urbina Gajardo – a plastic artist from Iquique-chile – shows some pictures of his work.


Our collaborator Montse presents us her son Joan, the youngest member of the Gaudí and Barcelona Club .


David Lara presents a gaudinian park in El Pedernoso, a village of Cuenca, Spain.
14/02/2004 Robel Perea sends tu us his best desires for this year 2004 and some compositions...
09/02/2004 Week gaudiniana: Cristina González is an admirer of Gaudí from Valladolid. She wants to bring us her enthusiasm towards that genius by means of her photos.
22/12/2003 Marry Christmas y Happy New Year: Pere Cánovas sends to us his personal congratulation.
21/12/2003 Edwin Williams sends to us eight photos that he did the day of his Brithday in Barcelona.
14/12/2003 Gaudi: what an original - Robel Perea sends us his photos of his last visit in Barcelona.
01/08/2003 Daniel is just 5 years old. His mother, Montse, sends us these drawings and photographs from one of the youngest admirers of the Sagrada Familia architect.
14/05/2003 Mexican Passion: Lily sends us from Chiapas three beautiful photographs of his stay in Barcelona
05/03/2003 Kaleidoscope Gaudí: Elisabeth Figa invites us to visit her photographic exhibition . Bearing the name "Kaleidoscope Gaudí", shows new and original compositions parting from fragments of the work of the genial architect
05/03/2003 The Giant of La Pedrera: Josep Tomás assisted to the Fiesta Mayor of Barcelona and took photographs of the giant that represents the warriors of the Casa Milà roof
05/03/2003 Gaudí and Jujol: Ernest Vallhonrat tells us he assited to the lecture "Jujol, the collaborator of Gaudí in several works in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca" by the art historian Josep M. Jujol jr.
20/01/2003 Homage to Gaudí: María Carolina Rojo and Ignacio Cerezo Laporta send us an interesting text acompanied with photos from a building with gaudinian reminiscences in the heart of Buenos Aires
20/01/2003 Photographing Gaudí: Raúl Puyo shows us from Uruguay a choice of his more than 400 photos of works by Gaudí
20/01/2003 Gaudí in Colombia: Diego Maldonado sends us from Colombia the poster of a cycle of lectures about Gaudí and warns us of the organizing of a next international event in that country
24/12/2002 Admiration towards Gaudí: Mariana Fiorentino sends us from the United States some images of his trip to Barcelona
23/12/2002 Showing Barcelona: Andy Gascoine was in the city with his wife, to whom he showed some of the works of Gaudí
10/09/2002 Perspectives of the Sagrada Familia: Chris Fulmer remained impressed with Gaudí's work, and tried to catch the greatness of the genius in some photographies.
05/09/2002 First trip to Barcelona: From Ethan Chen and his wife in Taiwan.
18/07/2002 Two photos of the Park Güell: from Claudio in Argentina.
03/05/2002 Excursion to the Xalet Gaudí: David "Pomper".
03/05/2002 Drawing: Marcelo Marchese "In this work I wanted to represent the old Gaudí, being employed one night at the workshop of the crypt of the Sagrada Familia, at these special moments of inspiration, creating."
01/31/2002 Sagrada Familia: December 2001:Alberto Arredondo has sent new pictures of the Sagrada Familia that he took in December.

Sagrada Familia: June 2001: Tim Beveridge has sent new pictures that he took last summer.


Origamic Architecture: Ingrid Siliakus & Marivi Garrido introduce us into the Origamic Architecture, an interesting reproduction of architecture made with paper.


Sagrada Família 3D Model: another member who writes in the Forum is Álex Reyes and he is designing the Sagrad Família in 3D by CAD; here you can see the process.


Casa Batlló drawing: from Barcelona we have received this original drawing made by Uxua.


Sagrada Familia Aerial Pictures: Tim Beveridge use to participate in the Gaudí Club Forum but today has sent us two aerial pictures from Sagrada Familia.


Gaudinist Disco and Videobar: from Mexico we received these pictures that show a disco and videobar designed by André García who told us about Gaudí influence in his projects.


Panoramic views: Rodrigo Alarcón lived for some years in Barcelona. He now lives in Liverpool but returns often. On one return visit, he took some great panoramic photos, and here's one that he sent to us. NEW ONE!


Tenth wedding aniversary at Barcelona: Russell A. Harrison and his wife made a travel to Barcelona to celebrate their tenth wedding aniversary. They visited Gaudí works, of course.


Benches in New York city: Harry C. Laurie has sent us these beautiful pictures of one bench made with trencadis in New York.


Pictures from Brno: Bohumila visited Barcelona and Oropesa and she has sent us the pictures she took during her trip.


Sagrada Familia finished: Juanjo has sent us a drawing that show how will be Sagrada Familia finished.


Summertime in Barcelona: Lara Fontana spent five days last summer in Barcelona and she discovered all Gaudí's works. Here you can see her pictures.


"Antonio Gaudí: An Unfinished Vision": In the 1960's, Pennsylvania-born filmmaker, John Alaimo traveled to Barcelona and fell in love with the work of Antonio Gaudí. He decided to make a movie which documented his life and works.


Fascinated by Gaudí: These pictures were taken by Riccardo Avenali, italian man who is studying Art at Bologna's DAMS and who felt in love with the great architect's works ;)


Gaudí Corner: Nine years ago Ferran Bonet left Barcelona and went to live to Caracas. Since then he remembers his beatiful city with pictures, drawings and internet.


Colony Güell Proposal: At the Gaudinist Conferences in Holland, we could see the fantastic proposal of Emerson and Cheryl Martlage: build the Colonia Gúell Church.


Gaudí black and white: we always receive coloured pictures, but this time, Marcela Martínez has sent us black and white pictures of Gaudí works.


La Pedrera Sketch: Enrique Robira, from Buenos Aires, loves Gaudí works but he hasn't had yet in Barcelona. Nevertheless he has sent us an skecth of La Pedrera that he found in a book.


Pro-Miranda Association: at Holland we meet Maria Mercè Bachs who is the president of the Pro-Miranda Association; their main purpose is to rebuild the Torre Mateu, built in 1906 by Gaudí but destroyed during the sixties.


Sagrada Familia: if you go to the Park Güell and look at the city you will see a incredible view of the Sagrada Familia with the Mediterranean sea behind it. Gonzalo Campillo has sent us one picture from there.


La Pedrera: Ali & Rob has sent us these pictures from the flat that Caixa Catalunya has decorated in La Pedrera like a real flat of the begining of the century, and also pictures from the roof.


Inside Sagrada Familia: Gary sent us this photo that he took from the inside of the Nativity Fachade at la Sagrada Familia.


Summer time at Costa Brava: last august Aleksander Kotulecki worked as as tutor at camp for polish young people. He sent us two pictures from his holidays.


Inside La Pedrera: Jan-Martijn Verlaan, from Eindhoven, used to visit Barcelona once every two years. Here you can see pictures from his last trip and a video from Sagrada Familia.


Landscape and architecture: The Norweigan architect Frode Svane tells us about his current projects and sends many pictures of landscapes, Montserrat and other things.


Sagrada Familia works: Last May, Tim Beveridge visited Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Here are some of his photographs of the church in progress. Expect more photos from him soon...


Visit in Barcelona: Last June, Janet Tawell visited us in Barcelona and took these nice shots. Then she sent them to us.


A dream come true: Stephanie Vincent came to Barcelona in November and she wanted to share these photos with all of us.


Sagrada Familia: Dale McClain sent us these images which he found in the Microsoft© Encarta 99.


La Pedrera in November: The 21st of November it snowed in Barcelona. Clàudia F. Giua went there and took these pictures.

2/2/2000 Pedrera's chimney: In return for the welcome gifts, Alberto Arredondo sent us this beatiful picture.

Gaudí's Pessebre: Maria Jovillà gave us these two pictures of one Pessebre that she did in 1998.


Sagrada Família finished: Jordi Martínez has sent us a postcard which shows what Sagrada Família will look like when complete.


Sagrada Família: Fernando Carmona of Sevilla sent us two pictures of Sagrada Família.


Park Güell: We received these two photos taken by Pablo Hernan of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Barcelona Photo Tour: Eugene Radvenis is an architect from Canada who visited the Club last February. Then he sent us these incredible photos.


"La Pedrera" picture: Last week, Vlasta Zugelj sent us this photo that she took in Barcelona in September.


La Pedrera and Sagrada Familia pictures: We received these images from Tasmania. They were taken by Samsudin Kamis.


Casa Batlló at night: Edwin W. Young took this stunning image during his stay in Barcelona.


La Pedrera Giants: Pilar Carretero took this picture of the Pedrera's Giants in their presentation to the citizens.

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