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Daniel is a young five years old member, a true admirer of Gaudí. His mother, Montse, has sent us these drawings and photographs.

Thank you, Montse!!!


The Sagrada Familia at works

The Sagrada Familia towers



Daniel in the "Catalunya en Miniatura" park
Daniel's room, decorated with photographs
and posters of the Gaudí's works

Here you are a couple of drawings. The theme: The Sagrada Familia. We have our home papered with drawings of it, photos of the cranes and photos everywhere. He collects them: the photo he finds, the photo he asks the one closer to him to cut it for him (I'm trying to keep them in a portfolio for the time he will be grown up). We have the Sagrada Familia made in ice, with UFOS, in ground plan and elevation, in line drawings, with fireworks, with the world contest swimmers, at night, at day, with little ducks...

The Pedrera? Just the same. We even have the drawings of the Caixa de Catalunya (which is its symbol) everywhere.

To the Park Güell, I don't know why he did not want to go there till now, for he said that Gaudí was there, and that he was afraid to see him ¿?. We took him this year to the Sagrada Familia open doors days and I imagine that, as he saw the architect's tomb there, he doesn't say anything now. He will be 5 years old the 2nd of September 2003, and I had promised him to take him to see the Park in the morning, and to visit the inside of la Pedrera in the afternoon.

His illusion is to collect everything related with Gaudí. Last year, for his birthday, he only asked the film "Gaudí and the Triplets". This year he has already asked a puzzle we have seen of the Casa Batlló, la Pedrera and the Sagrada Familia, altogether.

We live in Arenys de Mar, and he went some day with the school to Barcelona this year, to the Miró Foundation. He spent the whole day asking his teachers that the coach should pass in front of the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batlló, or la Pedrera. And when they came back, they were asked to make a drawing with the colours of Miró. The teacher, laughing, told me that he would have used the colours of Miró, but you may imagine what he drew... THE SAGRADA FAMILIA!!!

I send you a photo of his room so as to check I'm not telling lies. This is only part of his room. The people we know, are so pleased that so young a child feels such an admiration towards this artist, that always they meet him they bring him things related with... we have trencadís vases, the Sagrada Familia in bronze, dishes about the subject, etc. I'm not joking, but when I put him the music of Alan Parsons about Gaudí, he was moved and if you intend to have him quiet for a "small" while, you simply put him this music and he listens it completely.

His other great passion is Mr. Bean... He has also somewhat mania with this personage. In fact, when they ask him what he wants to become when grown up, he answers:
- "I don't know: either architect or Mr. Bean..." - But he is still very young




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