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Ingrid Siliakus & Marivi Garrido
Argentina & Holanda

Marivi Garrido (Born in Barcelona, Spain but now living in Argentina) and Ingrid Siliakus (The Netherlands) both are Origamic Architecture designers/artists.

"Our work has been displayed in Galleries and Museums.
Our last exhibition has been in the world famous and most significant American Craft Museum in New York for a period of 4 months. This exhibition (one of the participators was the very famous originator of Origamic Architecture Prof. Masahiro Chatani) was one of the highlights of the Museum ever and highly appreciated by the press (amongst which the New York Times) and visitors of the Museum.

All pictures are copyrighted
© Ingrid & Erik

Sagrada Familia



Casa Calvet

GŁell Cellars

Casa Vicens

Park GŁell Pavillion
"Inspired by many architects we came across work of the extra ordinary artist Antonio Gaudi and since it will be Gaudi year in 2002, we like to introduce you to some of our work that we designed having work of Antonio Gaudi in mind. We would love to exhibit our work during this Gaudi year in as many places as possible so people can have a better understanding both of the work of Antonio Gaudi as of Origamic Architecture."

URL: http://members.ams.chello.nl/rebran/gebeng.htm

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