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Appeal against the ruination of Gaudi's Church in the Colonia Güell
of the Plataforma Disbarat a la Colònia Güell

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An Appeal against the ruination of
Gaudi's Church in the Colonia Güell

Of the Plataforma Disbarat a la ColÚnia GŁell

Antoni Gaudi's church in the workers housing area of Colonia Güell occupies an prominent position In the works of the Catalan architect. The design - developed with the help of a suspension model - Is considered to be one of his masterpieces. Completed are only the crypt, the terraced steps extending in front of it, which were supposed to lead to the church proper and, of the church, the skeleton of the entry way with three portal openings and the start of the tower enclosing the stairs. Discounting small later additions, the torso of the uncompleted small church remained as Gaudi and his collaborators left it at the suspension of construction in 1914.

Unfortunately just now the exterior of the building has been changed and defaced in an irresponsible manner. Similar measures for "monument preservation" have been announced for the interior of the building also threatening to ruin the crypt.

Some of the changes already completed and unacceptable are:

  • The removal of all the steps of the stairway to the upper church; the complete covering of oil the stair ramps and adjoining terraces with sheet metal.
  • The blocking of the entrance to the stairs with a boulder.
  • The covering of the original cement floor in the entrance area in front of the crypt with new pavement.
  • The destruction of the fore-court with plantings and a fence surrounding the area.
  • The construction of stairs on the east side, which contradicts Gaudi's shaping of the hillside and requires the reorientation of the building.
  • The covering of the floor of the upper church with a platform, unsuitable in form and construction, and functionally senseless besides.

We urgently demand the reversal of all architectural actions which change the building negatively, falsify Gaudi's architectural concept and disfigure the building and its surroundings.

We also emphatically demand an immediate halt to oil announced changes to the interior of the crypt, including the installation of a hydraulically operated altar.

We appeal to the professionals and the public to prevent the disfigurement and destruction of a masterpiece of Catalan architecture.

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