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To get more info about the beatification process, mail the
Association Pro Antoni Gaudí's Beatification
Aptdo. de correos 24094
08080 Barcelona

The Beatification of Gaudí

"Gaudí succeeded in joining Faith and Culture" José Manuel Almuzara

The phase of the process of beatification of Gaudí in Barcelona is finished Association Pro Beatification of Antoni Gaudí

Devotion for Gaudí begins before he is beatified María-Paz López

Gaudí not rushed Joan Carrera Planas

On Antoni Gaudí Oriol Camps

Gaudí's lay status and worldwide renown accelerate the beatification process Josep Playà Maset

The Vatican initiates the beatification process for Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Josep Playà Maset

Towards the Beatification of Gaudí. Cardinal Ricard Ma. Carles.

Gaudí the Christian, as seen by one of the people who knew him best. La Vanguardia

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