• 800.000 people have visited the exhibition, which collects works from architects and artists from the whole world, which have been influenced by Gaudí

  • The exhibition “International Reflections of Gaudí” can be visited until next 16th of January in the Montserrat cloister of the Sagrada Familia Temple

Barcelona, 12 January 2004.- The “International Reflections of Gaudí” could be defined as a many-sided exhibition, because of the variety of artistic disciplines it houses. Or the Gaudí's universality, but without Gaudí, for his work goes beyond borders; his overflowing creativity genius fills with enthusiasm and his style and philosophy are moved having the shape of influence towards artists from all the parts of the world and from all the trends. The exhibition will be brought to a close next Friday 16th of January.

800.000 people have visited the exhibition, and they have left 3 thick signature books filled with their comments. Being jointly organised by the Gaudí & Barcelona Club Association and the Sagrada Familia Expiatory Temple, the exhibition has displayed in the Montserrat cloister of the Sagrada Familia Temple during 3 months. After the official condition of the Gaudí Year 2002, the “International Reflections of Gaudí” intends to pay homage not only to the architect, but “all the artists having been inspired in the genius of the master to do their personal creations”. Eduard Solé, the president of the Gaudí & Barcelona Club tells so, and he adds “all these works must not remain in the anonymity. I'm convinced that our beloved Gaudí would be happy to know that he has created a school and that he is admired throughout the world”.

Some artists have expressly created a work for this exhibition: that's the case of John Hughes (Ireland), who exhibits a baptismal font made of forged iron, glass and leather; or the re-creation of a gaudinian garden, including a dragon fountain, designed and installed by the landscape artist David Rocas. Other authors have sent their works from the United States, Puerto Rico, México, Perú, Holland and England, among other countries and, in the last instance, showing themselves the universality of their inspiration: the genius of Antoni Gaudí.

Data about the visitors of the Sagrada Familia

During the year 2003 2.057.000 people have visited the Sagrada Familia Temple, facing the 2.024.000 of the Gaudí Year 2002. All the expectations from the Temple Building Committee, hoping to surpass the amount of visitors of the International Gaudí Year, have been then fulfilled.

According to the statistics carried out in the exterior of the Temple, approximately 4.000.000 people visit the Sagrada Familia from the outside. Therefore, by summing the visitors which enter and those which admire it from the outside, not paying the admission fee, some 6.000.000 people have visited the most emblematic work from the city of Barcelona.

About the association "Gaudí & Barcelona Internet Club"

The Gaudí i Barcelona Club d’Internet Association is a non-profit entity created to diffuse the life and work of Antoni Gaudí. The starting point of this association was the creation, in 1997, of the Club under the web site, by means of which the more than 13.500 present members, from all nationalities, are permanently informed of everything related with Gaudí. The Gaudí i Barcelona Club web site is the most complete one existing about the architect. It has an on-line shop and book shop, where any product related with the gaudinist aesthetics can be purchased, and also of an active forum where the admirers of the architect hold a fluid debate. In its desire to promote culture and to divulge the figure of Gaudí throughout the world, the Club is in touch with a great deal of architects, art historians, designers and many other lovers of his works. It collaborates with universities, art centres, institutions and cultural associations from different countries, offering its collaboration and experience. You have only to get in touch with

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