Presentation of the II Gaudí Prizes of Poetry
and Short Narrative 2004

Presentation of the prizes
Wednesday, 19th of May 2004
Ceremony Hall of the “Círculo del Liceu”

Intervention of Mr. Calvo

We would like the Círculo to be a cultural reality of Barcelona or at least a reference for every cultural happening in the city. Our association organises about 30 ceremonies a year, most of the time conferences, no more than 3 a month. Mr. Bassegoda, committed and conference speaker of the house, is very graceful, always in a good mood and has high level of culture. The Círculo also organises concerts, book presentations, exhibitions... We try to adjoin every cultural activity of Barcelona. For instance, we have celebrated the “Gaudí Year”, the “Verdaguer Year”, the “Dalí Year”, and we also collaborate with the “Fórum 2004”.

We also have a good relationship with other cultural institutes of Barcelona such as “Amics dels Museos”, “Amics del Liceu”, “Amics del MNAC”, “Amics de la Ciutat”, etc… They can at all times benefit from our installations, which are marvellous and date from the times Barcelona was a point of reference in Europe.

We contribute as sponsors of the Liceo and the “Conservatorio”, with whom we have a very good relationship as well. We believe that we must join all together, the “Theatre”, the “Conservatorio”, the “Amics del Liceu” and the “Círculo”, in order to defend our country’s cultural life. The magazine “Ópera Actual”, distributed all over Latin America, is also worthy of our support. Its edition is completely independent from the “Círculo” but includes an offprint of our activities and we find subscriptions to them. In my opinion, it’s the best opera magazine edited in Spanish. “Tribuna de Barcelona”, an opinion lobby on economical, political and social issues, is also registered here and every so often holds a meeting in our offices.

The “Círculo” is also willing to support any activity related to culture, art, music, theatre etc. We are proud of this, because we believe that today we have to contribute to the society one way or another.

At present, the visits realised in the “Teatro del Liceo” between 10h00 AM and 10h30 AM include a visit to the “Círculo”.

To conclude, I would like to congratulate the winners; thank the organisers and the 10 members of the jury who have been challenged to read and qualify more than 50 works; express my gratitude to the Gaudí & Barcelona Club, and personally to Mr. Giralt, to the Cátedra Gaudí for its support and to Mr. Bassegoda, to the Sagrada Familia Temple Building Committee and to Mr. Bergós. And again, welcome to everybody. Thank you very much.

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