Mario Moscoso

"From my point of view, organic architecture is the reflection of what happens in the alive organisms of the nature, the form in which they work, evolve and as they are related to his surroundings, all this reflected in the organic architecture.

Doubtlessly the inspiration is born of the qualitative and quantitative comparison of what happens in the nature and the man in the course of his evolution.

The human being has a skin that allows him to interact with the environment, in the same way the architecture must be his second skin that must allow him to integrate himself, to be related, to complement himself always in balance with his environment.

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Viviendas "Tellería - Acevedo"

Mundo acuático "Parque Mariscal Santa Cruz"

Vivienda Galetovic

Hotel ecológico "Pachamama"

"The organic architecture does not have to be understood like copying a flower; the forms in architecture are an interpretation of the forms created by the nature, because all these are a right to be.

The organic architecture must maintain a balance with the nature, without neglecting the environmnet, the best way to make architecture organic is with the bioarchitecture, that sets the standard of how to use the resources that humans have.

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