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Dear Gaudi Club friends:

With the enormous pleasure of an accomplished mission, I take profit of the 150th anniversary of the Antoni Gaudí's birth to send you some photographic material. It pretends to witness my admiration, together with a humble contribution of a group of Argentinians to the knowledge and diffusion of the work of one of the greatest masters in that difficult art of creating works that get past the time.

Congratulations for your work, Maria Carolina!!!

. .

At the ending of 1999, my boy friend Ignacio Cerezo Laporta -a Valencian- and me -Carolina Rojo, founded a recycling and restoration enterprise. We were stimulated to this because of the decayed state of many of the most beautiful buildings of Buenos Aires. So that, with the aim of setting an example, we chose as our headquarters the crowning of a centenary building, some 100 metres from the National Congress (Las Cortes). It is composed of a 4th. floor and an attic with a dome. With a small initial contribution and the profits generated by the enterprise, we restored the dome and recycled the terrace, being both in a total state of decay, for more than sixty years. For this purpose we counted on with the collaboration of two members of the Gaudí Club, the professor Felipe Romeo and the architect Fernando Lorenzi, both charged with the project and the managing of the works. The initial project consisted in to turn into offices the 4th. floor, a home-office in three levels connecting the main office in the 4th floor with the two levels of the dome and a show-room in the terrace.

The choice of the style
The façades (1.600 m2 approximately) did not bring any mystery, it consisted in replacing the missing ornaments, to seal the craks and the finishings employing paris stone, using its original tone. The hardest decision to undertake was ¿what to do with the 250 m2 of the terrace?
From the very beginning it attracted our attention the quantity and quality of the ornaments, made out in all the materials contaied in the house, masonry, iron, wood, marble and all of them with a single Leitmotif; the coat of arms of Catalonia. Thinking in Gaudi was automatic, especialy if we remember its date of construction, 1905/7; in its forerunner structural solutions (the reinforced concrete was not yet known in our country by then); the crowning of the dome with "trencadis" of glazed tiles, never seen before in Argentina. All this together with the fact that the entrepreneur was an Argentinian the son of Catalans, the Architect-Engineer Rodríguez Ortega, a contemporary of Gaudi and graduated in Charlottenburg, Germany. This makes us think that if the designs are not by Gaudi, (as we believe) he had been greatly inspired our compatriot by the genius of Reus -we even consulted professor Bassegoda Nonell by mail to this respect and he promised us to make a thorough research on the matter-.
And there came an unanimous decision; to make a gaudinian show-room reproducing, with all the limitations that separate us, his unequalable style. And we did it. Had we been self-criticists facing the inevitable errors, we could assert that what lacked us of ability was counterbalanced by an excess of good will.
This is our homage to the man that still makes us dream through beholding his works.
I also seize the occasion to put our gaudianian space in Buenos Aires at the disposal of the Gaudi Club.

Maria Carolina Rojo

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