This is what I am doing these days when I have free time. They are close ups of trencadis in Gaudi works like the Mila House roof vents finish. At one time I was really interested in creating Kaleidoscopes after visiting the Kaleidoscope museum and exhibit close to Woodstock, New York. I bought a book but never tried my hand at it.

I have taken lots of photos of Gaudi's works and after many I focused my attention in details not knowing at the time how to utilize them. Years ago I've made compositions manually cutting and pasting different photos. I work with my hands, old school, the dinosaur that still exists in the Arts and Design world without the use of the computer. I still draw sketches, renderings and working drawing by hand and am very happy doing so. These images of Gaudi I do using computer programs and have most of my photos on CD even though mostly shoot photos the traditional way.

Thank you for sendig your images and explanations, Robel!!!

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